Make Life Easy

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services puts your printing needs in the hands of our expert team. We’ll oversee everything from ordering supplies, streamlining technical support, workflow optimization, asset connectivity and beyond!

With Managed Print Services, experience round-the-clock coverage and hands-on management strategically designed to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Compatible Devices

Segue Systems offer Managed Print Services for Xerox, HP, Brother, Lexmark and Samsung Printers.

How Does It Work?

There are just three steps to unlocking the Managed Print Services advantage:

1. Assess and Optimize

First, our team of experts uses the latest technology to determine an accurate baseline for your current spending. Then, we design a solution based around your exact needs.

2. Secure and Integrate

Once we’ve implemented your unique program, we integrate features like printing from mobile devices and print queue management, making sure the proper steps are taken to ensure your security.

3. Automate and Simplify

Once we’ve seamlessly integrated our technology and actively manage your printing needs, we find new and exciting ways to continue enhancing your business with our roster of applications that extend far beyond printing and scanning documents.